Build your global remote team.

Anywhere in the world.

The easy way.

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Slide Build your global remote team. Slide Anywhere in the world. Slide The easy way.
Now you can grow a global workforce within hours – without setting up branch offices in new countries. Hire team members with our AI-driven Employer of Record platform. No subsidiary, no problem. Over the past 5 years I have hired over 1,000 employees globally and I’m here to share everything I have learned.

About Us

My name is Amir Reiter and over the past 5 years I have had the privilege of hiring and training top talent globally. After helping nearly 1000 individuals with their careers breaking into technology and software industries I’m sharing all of my secrets, tools and technologies that can enable you to hire internally.

 I can share the advantages and disadvantages of hiring staff as employees or international contractors. I’m also passionate about helping people gain freedom and increase their income as a result of starting a career in software and technology industries. 

We have thousands of trained candidates ready to hire and we continue to educate Near-Shore
regions with the classes and self training individuals need to prepare for a career at your organization.

I Design And Build Sales Teams, Bridge Workflows That Are Industry Specific Which Attract Investor Opportunities For Your Venture.

My passion is sales and marketing — it’s what I’ve been doing my whole life and has lead me to where I am today. It´s the fuel that drives my obsession to coach. Being a pioneering employee in one of the most desired Global CRM companies, to managing large sales teams and founding a 300 team modern boutique BPO company, I’ve helped increase revenue across multiple industries and countries. So can you!

More flexibility and freedom for businesses and teams

With, companies can freely hire whoever they want, no matter their location. And people around the world can access more opportunities with fewer restrictions.It's better, smarter, faster hiring for businesses everywhere and the freedom and mobility for team members to move, live, and work anywhere without a worry.

How It Works

You find the candidate

Your company seeks out the talent. We do the rest.

We onboard your candidate

It's our compliant global entities, your employee.

We take the responsibility

From payroll and benefits to tax fillings and country specific laws.

You have a local presence

Your employees work for you. That's the whole point.

Hire Internationally

Build or augment your team quickly with top-notch talent Near-shore!
Tired of the shortage of available talent and the hire turnover rates coupled with over priced recruitment fees?
Our nearshore staff typically can save you nearly ⅓ the cost of US Based staff without sacrificing performance and quality.
Our nearshore staff augmentation approach enables you to easily and risk-free create awesome teams of highly talented and English-fluent Sales Reps, Customer Support, Customer Success and engineers from around the world.


Find the suitable and skilled IT talent you need in 5 days or less.


Realtime works, meetings and collaboration with your team.


Eliminate costly turnover with committed and long-term talent.
When it comes to hiring your new team mate/s based on your needs and goals we can then provide information and options in regards to Payroll and benefits.

Independent Contractor or Fulltime Employee will be your choice, our job is to provide you the information and technology you need to pick the right option for you.

Trusted Companies

Join thousands of companies that Hire Internationally to compliantly hire anywhere